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The Barnet Burnt Oak Leisure Centre is a modern facility ideal for our martial arts classes. Classes are run twice a week and offer members the very best in Taekwondo and fitness training. If you have any questions please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or just gives us a call. If you would like to try martial arts for the first time please see our trial offers on this website.

  • Training Area: Four-Court Hall 33x18x7.6m 594m2
  • Adapted for Wheelchairs, Disabled Toilet, Accessible Parking & Changing, Lift
  • Creche, Car Park and Cafe
  • Climate-Controlled Training Room & Waiting Area
  • Open Seating for Parents & Spectators
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Men’s & Women’s Changing Rooms
  • Equipped for Special Events Such as Workshops, Parties & Seminars
17:00 - 18:00 (From 4-11 years old)17:00 - 18:00 (From 4-11 years old)
18:00 - 19:00 (From 12 years old & above)18:00 - 19:00 (From 12 years old & above)
17:00 - 18:00 (Females only from 12 years old & above)
London Taekwondo Warriors (Burnt Oak)
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I am very happy with the service recieved.
Teaches you many things such as discipline and self defence. Really would recommend for your child
Professional instructors with high quality sports and academia skill set. LTW brings out the absolute best in the students. High quality service as always and brilliant taekwondo school for my kids.I would highly recommend
Response from the owner: Thank you so much continued support and effort, LTW is glad to have supportive parents such as yourself.
Master Javed, Master Shams, Master Arain are most humble, smart intelligent professional individuals I have come across.They are passionate and the delivery is from the heart from their core.The best ever club I have ever attended and will be attending for foreseeable future.I can vouch for it, no criticism to other clubs, after my previous Master Dujon retirement, I couldn’t fit any clubs, in Harrow, Ickenham, Pinner and Northolt- I travelled all the way to Northampton to train with Master Spencer, then I found London Teakwando Warriors, I was welcome with open arms.The training, coaching under the remit of legendary Maters of LTW helped me mentally and physically. Despite of my age, I train with young elite warriors and keep up with them. I am now the family of LTWI wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend LTW to my family and friends and even to a stranger.Thank you once again Master Javed, Master Shams, and Master Arain you are legend in my eyes and will always, I am honoured to part of LTW teakwando family
BEST TAEKWONDO CLUB !!!I couldn’t recommend LTW enough !!I have learnt soo much over the time I’ve been at this club, from basic stances and kicks to sparring. Training at LTW has been a new and different experience for me, in comparison to my previous mma training and probably the best training I’ve received.The main benefits have been:- classes offered 6 days a week; due to my work commitments I’m unable to occasionally attend the Hendon classes however can make up by attending the Harrow/Hayes classes.- super approachable masters; they’re always there to help (with a smile). Simply a text away.- training groups always supportive; the masters have created team players. Everyone is alway there to help and guide you along the way.- positive atmosphere- get individual feedback on training- has created more discipline in my life- It has provided a lot more structure and rhythm to my training.- affordable
Taekwondo warriors branch of Hendon had given to my boys all the skills of martial art , confidence and well discipline manner . They are professional instructors with good reputations. I recommend ever family to join their foundation. Very friendly from different communities and religions. It shows exactly the harmony of lovely city of London.O Eyob
This is my first martial art learning in my life in my late 50s with London Taekwondo Warriors in Hendon. As soon as i joined the class i thoroughly enjoined it. I am physically stronger than before as an evidence my golf driver hits more than 200 yards every time now. Moreover, my hypertension is well controlled and my borderline diabetes has gone and cholesterol level is back to normal after 3 months with London Taekwondo Warriors . Most importantly i can work under pressure more than before as i am working in stressful environment in a busy NHS hospital . Taekwondo with LTW gives me more resilience to overcome most difficulties in this post covid period. Last not the least instructor Master Sham is friendly , approachable and taught with a program , giving me taekwondo skill and knowledge that gives me more confidence.
I joined LTW in April 2022, prior to that I have been Boxing for 10 years and due to an injury, I am unable to Box again. Once I received this news, I started researching many martial art schools and LTW really caught my eye.I even read all the bio’s of all 3 Masters on LTW’s website and watched every YouTube video on the LTW Youtube channel and then I made the first initial contact with LTW and spoke to Master Shams.I have had 18 boxing matches, achieved a black belt in Kick boxing and spent time in Thailand training Muay Thai.I have a lot of experience in other combat sports and was very proud to start TKD with LTW.I always believe to be the best, you must learn from the best and without a doubt the 3 masters (Shams, Arian and Jawed)are absolutely amazing at what they do. They have studied the sport of TKD and know it inside out. I am very proud in having all 3 masters teach me TKD.Not only have I benefitted physically but mentally as well as the masters always give lectures on life and being positive in life to all the younger students at the school. I think this is phenomenal and if you’re reading this and you are a parent, you really need to sign them up to LTW.In a session earlier this week, I was doing target training and Master Shams was training on the target with me. I had the privilege of training with Master Shams and as we were hitting the same target we were close to each other. From here, I saw the passion, strength and dedication in Master Shams’s eyes when target training and learned a lot by just watching as well. This really reminded me of a martial arts film where a student and master were training together. Amazing feeling it was.I am a white belt and come with a lot of experience, with the help of the Masters as well as students, I have no doubt I will progress in my TKD career.I have trained with many Afghan boxers in the past and had boxing matches with many and they fight from their heart. Hands down they are brave people and very dedicated to combat sports. I don’t see no difference at LTW as their name ‘warrior’ speaks for themselves.Master Shams, Master Arian and Master Jawed- you all are brave, dedicated, professional and tough. Like I said earlier, I want to be the best, so I am so proud by learning from the best.
I will recommend London Taekwondo Warriors for who looking for top higher training center .
My son looks forward to his class each week, his confidence has grown alot since starting.
Inspirational and push you to your limits
My daughters have been learning Taekwondo with London Taekwondo Warriors for two years now and I have seen immense growth in their stamina, discipline and character. The Masters here give much much more than just the Taekwondo skill. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Very professional and my kids love going.Best masters as well
My daughter absolutely loves coming here. Tutor is very professional and respectful.Would 100% recommend.
We are really pleased with the progress of Matilde and now she is more excited as she has started enjoy fighting. All the Masters are very good and really helpful, Master Sham thanks a lot as for all the contribution and effort you put towards the kids, Matilde really enjoy Taekwando and have learn a lot of discipline.
LTW is a very warm and friendly club that provides safe environment for students. Not only do they learn to build their physical fitness, endurance and strength, they also learn to improve their mental health, by boosting self confidence, teaching self discipline and concentration. This is all possible with the support and guidance of our highly enthusiastic teachers that have great rapport with the students, who never fail to educate and mentor them with inspiring life lessons.
Amazing masters and well structured classes. My son enjoys it and he started about a month ago!Would highly recommend the fabulous London Taekwondo Warriors! Great for all ages and fitness levels and fun too!
When your kid want to do something but not sure what this is the place you should go and sign for it.Good vibes from the coaches. Very professional and fantastic communication between kids and parents.Recommended for all age.Good quality uniform available to buy direct from them.Highly recommended.Happy kids happy parents.Thank you.
My son goes to this club for couple of years, his confidence is improving a lot. Highly recommended
I love this training it helps a lot


To find out more about our classes and the benefits of joining, please fill out the following contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 07783939231 and speak to one of our friendly instructors.

If you wish to give London Taekwondo Warriors a try, why not head over to the Trial Offers section of this website and join us for a class with no ongoing obligation.

We hope that you will join our members and try Martial Arts and benefit from the rewards that it offers.


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