FAQs - What are the advantages of Taekwondo with LTW?

We are London Taekwondo Warriors. We have 3 locations in London where we have run Taekwondo Martial Arts classes since 2003. Our highly qualified masters have a wealth of experience in this field of the sport who can guide your every step of the way! Our classes are for all ages and abilities focusing on the personal development aspect of Taekwondo together with self-defence. The physical training helps to promote all round fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Students often notice increased vitality and lower stress as a result of training Taekwondo. Additionally, the discipline and character development will also extend to all facets of life and undoubtedly follow students during the rest of their lives. At London Taekwondo Warriors we strive to bring out the best in our students and empower them with transferrable life skills through Taekwondo training to be successful in all walks of life! The hub of future leaders!!!

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